About Wave Robotics

History of Wave

Founded in 2008, Wave Robotics was created with the intent of providing STEAM based opportunities to students. The goal of this program is to provide, guide, and teach students skills they can use in the workplace. Students work in tandem with industry professionals. It is through this approach they gain both the skills and techniques for success.

Since then, Wave Robotics has expanded its opportunities for all grades. Wave Robotics now has Lego League programs, summer camps, and city-wide workshops.

The Wave Robotics program engages with over 150 students and 40 volunteers. Their volunteer activities alone affect thousands of students and community members each year. Team members mentor elementary and middle school students in the Lego League division. They also take part in local community events from charity events to farmers markets.

The program is steadily expanding to offer new programs for an evolving world. We are always looking for volunteers to help us make this program a reality for students. Please visit our contact page for more information.