Weekly Team Meeting, March 9, 2021

Here's an update from this week's team meeting.


  • Flickr has decided that we are not eligible for their non-profit free PRO service. Their $60/year fee for the PRO service seems reasonable, but we will investigate other services before making a decision. 
  • Update on thank you notes: Ann Marie has sent them to the printer. Next step is to get them to students to sign, then send them to sponsors/donors
  • We will set up a Flickr album and display its contents a slideshow on the web site
  • Next steps for the t-shirt: we will get help from Connie on changing one logo element and get an updated sponsors list
  • We will enable RSS feeds on our web site and set up auto-tweeting of Wave blog posts with https://ifttt.com


  • A meeting of the mentors and North teachers and principal will be on March 15
  • safety training videos project


  • Working on rehearsing the video script and putting the video together


  • Worked on getting code working for the tower Thursday night

Ripple 8518:

  • Cleaned out the mezzanine of boxes, books, and random junk.
  • Hauled up the old robots by looping a rope through them. We found a rubber mat which we drilled and put rope through so we could have something under the robots to make it easier to put the robots up.
  • We also cut parts. We learned about a robot where the wheel could switch between omni wheels and normal wheels so the robot could go fast and line up.