2022 Sussex Scrimmage

On February 20, 2022 we attended the 2022 Sussex-Hamilton Scrimmage and here's how it went.

Team 537, Charger Robotics invited us to their scrimmage in Sussex, WI.  We treated the event as our unofficial “bag and tag” day as a goal to have the robot complete.  The scrimmage was a test run to see what we needed to improve on for Seven Rivers in La Crosse.  Here’s what happened: From the start we had connection issues.  Our robot's electrical wasn’t at full capacity due to a faulty battery.  The scrimmage was also the drive team’s first time driving the robot this season.  We also didn’t have enough time to trouble shoot our autonomous mode, so it wasn’t competition ready.

Thanks to the Sussex scrimmage, we learned many lessons including time management and communication between subteams.  To move forward, we're taking advantage of the month between Sussex and Seven Rivers to troubleshoot our electrical system, improve the drive train, test the subsystems and auto, and give our drive team plenty of practice time.  Drive team will be working hand in hand with software to streamline our auto capabilities.

 The Sussex scrimmage was a huge learning experience for our team.  We learned the importance of teamwork and time management.  It was a bonding experience between the new students and the veteran students.  Thank you to Team 537, Charger Robotics for hosting and inviting us to their event!  It was extremely exciting for everyone to be at an in-person competition.  It was a great way to start the season!