Wave at FLL Explore EXPO 2023

Wave attended the 2023 FLL Explore Expo event.

 On Thursday, December 14, Wave hosted the FLL Explore Expo for the first time at Oshkosh North High School. Four local teams arrived at around 5:30pm and we started at 6:00pm. We started by explaining what Wave Robotics is and what we do. Then we had each team come up and explain what they created and how it worked while telling what they enjoyed about the process. Then we had the kids split back into their groups and attempted a challenge to show their core values by having them put themselves in order by birthday. Though some of the teams struggled, they managed to figure it out in the end. After they did the core values challenge, they designed and colored a ribbon award for another team. Then we gave a presentation about what we did at Wave while showcasing our robot. We then gave the kids an opportunity to showcase their awards and hand them to the other teams. We ended off the event with a high five tunnel and an optional tour of our facilities.