Weekly Team Meeting, March 23, 2021

Here's an update from this weeks team meeting.


  • No meeting this week
  • We set up https://ifttt.com on waverobotics.com blog posts and news items; they get auto-posted to the Slack #marketing channel, but the preview image is not working so we need to debug it. Eventually, we will auto-tweet and auto-Facebook blog posts and news items.
  • We set up content rules on the website to email reviewers when an item is submitted for review


  • The in-person safety policy document is done and will be shared with students. Students are expected to abide by these rules.
  • Ok to proceed with using Flickr and paying for the service
  • We are working on getting the software for the CNC router
  • We are hoping to get the Sadoff metals recycling trailer at North after Easter
  • We are starting a list of safety videos to produce over the summer
  • We are continuing the process of getting login credentials and other important information into 1Password


  • Labeled all of the computers and 3D printers.  
  • We attached plates to the robot, as well as cut some metal bars. 
  • We also started putting together a gearbox.  
  • We built another piece for the robot too.


  • Ok to go to two tournaments this summer. DPI grant will cover bus fees and entry fees. This is for Ripple and Wave; the teams will travel together.
  • Board is ok to discuss if we have more events to go to.
  • We have potential funding from the OASD educational foundation to finish the new space. We have $51K left to raise.
  • Jason White has resigned from the Wave board