Camps, Demonstrations, and Outreach

Spreading the word at community events and organizations

Wave helps spread the word about FIRST through demonstrations at community events and organizations such as The Boys & Girls Club, Oshkosh Farmer's Market, and holiday parades.  Every year the team helps out at the Oshkosh Community Food Pantry sorting food collected during the Postal Workers Food Drive. 

The team was also instrumental in guiding the foundation of several FIRST Lego League teams and provides mentors to these teams.

Wave Robotics also partners with the Oshkosh Area School district for STEM Nights.  Wave provides information about FIRST, a demo of their previous year robot and hands on experience with VEX and Lego League robots.


Robotics camp at the YMCA

Oshkosh Farmer's Market

Tech Adventure summer camps are sponsored by the Wave in strategic partnership with the YMCA.  The camps introduce young students to the world of Mindstorm robots and science.

Science Friday's and Saturday's are also provided through the YMCA and provide one day camps for students to learn and engage in cool science activities.

Wave Robotics has also partnered with Google to start the Google Maker camp.  Check out the continual project here. 

To request an appearance by the team, submit the form below via mail:

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