Weekly Team Meeting, February 23, 2021

the weekly team meeting report notes

Marketing / Website

Published https://waverobotics.com/programs/registering-for-wave-robotics. New Flickr account at https://www.flickr.com/photos/wave-robotics/ will be used for central storage of all our photos (mostly private; only selected photos will be made public). The weekly team meeting report (this document) will be published weekly as a blog post to help raise awareness of the team and its activities.


Discussion of hearing protection, access to band saw, upcoming space uitilization meeting of mentors and teachers at North


2/20 Finished the final draft of the essay. We will make a few more tweaks and changes before submitting it this coming Tuesday. Woodie Flowers was submitted last week. Due to updates for FRC submission requirements, we are creating a new survey for outgoing seniors and Wave alumni.


Got the drive train running again

Started installing all of the software updates on the laptops and installed LabView for Ripple

Ripple 8518

We finished the final logo design, and voted on a shirt color (but the vote is currently tied and we are waiting for the tie-breaker vote!).  We also attached a metal plate to Wave’s robot.  We also cut a lot of metal plates for the robot.  We also started to attach the structure of the robot.